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The initial consultation is an essential component of my training philosophy.  The purpose of this consultation is to identify the player's specific goals so that we can devise a template that works in conformity with those goals.  The objective is to have a plan in place before we even step onto the basketball court.

In my experience, youth and high school basketball players tend to fall into at least one of three groups in terms of their training needs.  The first group of players exhibits a major discrepancy between their ability to use their right and left hands.  The second group of players lacks proper shooting mechanics.  The third group of players is highly skilled but is held back by its lack of overall strength, power, and agility. 

Assessing the group into which a player falls is of critical importance in terms of designing a successful training program.  We don't want to spend hours drilling left-handed lay-ups and form shooting if a more efficient use of our time would be spent at the track doing footwork drills, jumping, and heavy sled pushes.

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